HSBC Climb Kili in 12 Hours!


We went along last Thursday to cheer on staff from HSBC (Scotland Business Banking Team) who took on the challenge of climbing Kilimanjaro in 12 hours. They had treadmills in their offices and the action started before 7 am. We dropped in past on our way to the Ferryhill cafe to lend some moral support from the sidelines. We were offered a wee shottie but we really didn’t want to be late for the cafe so we had to decline (it was a good excuse anyway!). After the cafe we went in again to do our bit but unfortunately they were on the last mile and we didn’t feel we could steal their glory! The song playing as they reached the summit was ‘What have you done today to make you feel proud’ – and they should indeed be very proud of their achievement last week.

It was a big team effort and lots of camaraderie but for Tim it will be a solo effort in August as he does the real thing, having set himself this personal challenge of climbing Kilimanjaro. He is raising funds for The Living Well Cafes and if you would like to support Tim by donating then please go to:

We are so very grateful to Tim and to all his colleagues at HSBC.